Lemur Abroad, part 2 (aka, Lemur Abroad…er)

In this post, I continue my Irish adventures, because why the fuck not? Would you rather me talk about the election? No, I thought not. (Side note: I’m so fucking sick of this election already. I mean really, I’m looking forward to the apocalypse as much as the next girl, so can we just already get on with the fucking end of our country already?) So sit back, pour some wine, and let’s all look at some goddamn pretty pictures together.

Day 4 – Galway

The rainiest day of our trip. Such a cool city. I could totally live there.


My life motto. Well, that, and “Well fuck me, that was unexpected”.




Translates to “Galway Love and Happiness”. I think. It could mean “I’ll fecking fight you with my heart spear, bitch”






Day 5 – Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are one of those things I’ve desperately wanted to see my entire life. I was actually pretty nervous to go, because it’s so easy for something you’ve wanted for so long to be underwhelming.

It was not underwhelming, not in the least.

First, a quick little stop at the Burren…



Lord of the rocks










Next, the Cliffs….


Here we sneak up on the Cliffs of Moher, so as to not startle them. The Cliffs are known to be quite skittish…


Sadly, my husband was not a fan of my plan to stand in the doorway and scream “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” at tourists wanting to go up to the top of the lighthouse. It’s not like I had bridge in a cave to do it in….


“I’m the Queen of the world!!!! Or, at least of all the lemurs… in a 1 mile radius. Maybe. I don’t know where the nearest zoo is. But if that weird guy in the trench coat is harboring a lemur, I’m totally queen of it. 


I just noticed the thing in the bottom right of the sign either looks like a very judgmental pelican or a horrified bug screaming for the guy not to jump. Or for the guy to take a running leap, since bugs are usually total assholes.




















Day 6 and 7 – Dublin

We didn’t get to see half of what we wanted, but we did sneak in the Guinness factory, Trinity College and the Book of Kells, Temple Bar, a horse drawn carriage ride tour, and tons of food.


View from the top of the Guinness factory. Cool view, but too many fucking tourists there. 


Is George RR Martin a Guinness fan?? I like to think he is.


St Stephen’s Green


The Long Room Library at Trinity College. Nothing snarky to say here, I wanted to start twirling around like Belle when she finds the Beast’s library…




Brazenhead pub, apparently the oldest pub in Dublin



This needs no explanation. The world is watching us, folks

Until next time Ireland….

Best. Trip. EVER!!! 

(Side note: Now that I’ve gotten to relive my awesome vacation, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled bitching in no time at all)



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