Lemur Abroad

This month, I checked something off my bucket list. Something that’s been on my list for as long as I can remember.

I went to Ireland.

I went to Ireland, and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. 14495508_10209047673565888_2688577457491625713_n.jpg

So, because I’m one of those people who can’t stop talking about myself, and because this is my blog so I can do whatever the fuck I want – here’s my Ireland recap – complete just a fraction of the pictures we took. (Side note: Sorry, this probably won’t be as snarky as my usual posts, but this was just such an amazing experience for me I don’t have much to be bitter and snarky about.)

Day 1 – New York Blitz

On our way out to Ireland, we had a 6 hour layover in New York City. I had always wanted to see NYC, and since we had a few hours to kill, we decided to take a break from the airport and do some sight seeing.

We realistically only had about 3 hours to hang out, so we decided on a visit to the Empire State Building, and because it would just be wrong not to, get some pizza.



You can practically smell the urine from here

Notes from NYC

  • It’s totally possible to see the Empire State Building in under an hour, especially if you have no disregard for anyone’s feelings, personal space, or their/your own personal safety.
  • I would totally start the zombie apocalypse in NYC.
  • The Empire State Building view was cool, for sure. 14441169_10209020931657357_6600005385352449013_n.jpg14485119_10209020933617406_8900143736008040905_n.jpg


  • The pizza was all it’s cracked up to be.
  • I didn’t see Pizza Rat, any superheroes, or any Ninja Turtles. This whole city is a lie.

Over all, I’m glad we got to see a tiny part of the city. And now I can definitively say that I couldn’t care less if I make it back there.

Day 2 – Hello, Ireland



I found Rivendell, and it’s now a gated community in Dublin! Elves apparently drive Mercedes now, because of course they do.



  • Best fish and chips EVER.
  • No one’s kidding when they talk about how pretty Ireland is.
  • All the cool houses seemed to be named. Henceforth, my apartment shall be named Lemur’s Roost. Do lemurs have roosts? Well they do now.
  • By the way, we stayed in a motherfuckin’ castle, yo. How cool is that shit??

Day 3: Our Day of the Doctor

Thankfully, I’ve managed to drag my husband as deep into the rabbit hole of my Doctor Who obsession as I am. We made sure to spend a day of our vacation in Wales, chasing Doctor Who.


We found the Doctor Who Experience…


Well, where do you want me to dump bodies then?



Worst milkshake I’ve ever had, but who cares? I got to sit in the booth that Amy, Rory and River sat in after the Doctor got shot by an astronaut coming out of a lake! (…. Stop looking at me like that. You knew what you were getting into when you read my blog…)


I love the round thingies!!!!



I’m so lucky to have a husband who so throughly encourages what is probably a really unhealthy obsession. (Side note – hey, at least it’s not an obsession with hookers and blow?)


More to follow….



2 thoughts on “Lemur Abroad

  1. Our friends did a world tour – they literally went EVERYWHERE, and they reported back that Ireland was the friendliest. Did you find that to be true? I am very jealous.

    I have reddish hair and pale skin and should get to go! (Ha. My doctor called mine “Irish Skin” the other day)

    • Once people decided we weren’t just some American assholes, they were ridiculously friendly!! I can’t vouch for it being the friendliest, I’ve only been to a few other countries so far. But I think Ireland will be really, really hard to beat. I think that’s a fantastic reason to go – I’m pale (thank you, years of working night shift) (no red hair though), and I really like beer, that was reason enough for me!

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